Most Popular Teams in the NFL

Many people look forward to watching their favorite National Football League (NFL) teams on television and at stadiums around the United States each year. Some teams, however, are much more popular than others.

1. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have the highest average attendance of any NFL team. In fact, an average of 91,459 fans flocked to AT&T Stadium to watch each of this team’s home games. A study conducted by Emory Sports Marketing Analytics shows that these fans are so passionate about America’s Team that they are the most avid, engaged, passionate and supportive fans in the league. While the Cowboys share their home state with the Texans, fans are much more loyal to the Cowboys throughout the region except in the five Congressional districts immediately surrounding Houston. While you can find loyal Cowboy fans anywhere, they are also the most loved team throughout Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, and even the regions of Arizona south of Phoenix. Surprisingly, southern Virginia actually has more Cowboys fans than Redskins fans.

2. New York Giants

An average of 79,001 fans root for the New York Giants at each home game making them the second most popular team in the NFL. These fans often take to Facebook to root for their team in record numbers. In fact, for each player rooting for the New York Jets two are rooting for the New York Giants despite the fact that both teams play at MetLife Stadium.

3. Green Bay Packers

Fan loyalty is not always based on how well a team is performing at the moment. The Green Bay Packer fans are among the most loyal regardless of how their team is performing. An average of 78,413 fans go to see their team play each time at Lambeau Field. Local fans tend to spend more on team merchandise than those who live away from where the team plays its home teams. This is particularly true of the Green Bay Packers where each resident of Green Bay actually owns part of the team.

4. Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have an average attendance of 76,922 fans. In fact, their fans are the most loyal in the American Football Conference (AFC) West. The Broncos routinely exhibit great offensive teams. Those teams who do this over many years enjoy greater team loyalty.

5. Washington Redskins

Over 76,200 people flock to the stadium each time the Redskins play at home. Several factors contribute to these fans being loyal including median income of fans, stadium capacity, on-field success and market population.

6. Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are doing a great job of engaging with fans in their market with just over 74,000 of them attending each home game. This relatively young organization will continue to raise in the ranks if they keep doing this as people often pass their love for a team down from one generation to the next.

7. New Orleans Saints

Just over 73,000 fans flock to watch each home game of the New Orleans Saints. One of the reasons that these fans are so loyal is that the team became a rallying point after Hurricane Katrina. These fans are some of the most creative in the NFL often making their own fan gear instead of buying commercially available merchandise.

8. Houston Texans

Almost 73,000 fans come to each Texan home game. These fans come from a very concentrated area around the city as opposed to many teams that draw from a larger geographical area. Yet, these fans are more willing than most to buy items supporting their favorite NFL team.

9. Baltimore Ravens

A little over 72,000 fans come to watch the Baltimore Ravens play each home play. These fans are extremely loyal to watching their team on the television when they cannot get to the game.

10. San Francisco 49ers

Almost 71,000 people watch the 49ers play each home game in person. This team has ranked much lower in the past but the organization is taking steps to reward loyal attendees with complimentary merchandise when they continue to be loyal to the team.

11. Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs draw from a very small market area when compared to many teams. Yet, the 74,806 fans who attend a home game on average are among the NFL’s most loyal. They help ensure a Chief win often by making it one of the loudest stadiums in the nation. It is unexplained why these fans remain so loyal despite the Chiefs dismal success record.